Maritime Security (ISPS)

The port is an ISPS area and thus a protected area where access is subject to special authorisation. If you need to spend time in the port, you are required to have an approved permit and approved training (e-learning) that you can apply for at Kvarken Ports. Please use the form below.

Kranar i hamnen

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) framework follow specific essential requirements such as carrying out port facility security assessments and plans and measures to prevent unauthorised access. For Umeå Port, all access to the port area must be controlled. Under the ISPS Code, the possibilities for both unauthorised persons and unauthorised goods to enter the port area shall be eliminated.

All transports and visitors to the ports can pass only via designated gates, where the reason for the visit must also be notified. In these areas, only authorised staff will have access. In this respect, authorised staff means crews and persons who have received an identity or access card issued by Kvarken Ports.

As the supervisory authority, the Swedish Transport Agency has established and approved security assessments and security plans for Kvarken Ports following the ISPS Code. From this point of view, the port areas are considered restricted area.

For training and application for admission, see below.

For the application of permits for ISPS access to the port and photo permit please contact:

The harbor guard Kvarken Ports Umeå on phone +46 (0)90 16 32 85 weekdays without weekends between 06:00 and 18:00

Fill in the form and send it. Confirmation will be recieved by e-mail.

Here is the information to complete the Kvarken Ports e-learning course.

To complete the training, you need a course code: PS1C6264 (English version)


  1. Go to:
  2. To attend the course, you have to start by registering.
    Click on the green button “Register” at the bottom left of the home page.
    B. Fill in all the fields.
    C. Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration.
  3. To log in to E-learning, do the following:
    Enter your First Name and Last Name
    B. Enter your date of birth (6 digits, YYMMDD)
    C. Enter the course code.
  4. Complete both sections and answer the questions. Once your answers are approved, you can see on the screen that you have passed, and you can download your certificate.

General information
Please read the instructions for E-learning as they come up.

You can choose the video quality you want by clicking on Low-Medium-High. Choose a lower video quality if you have a poor internet connection.

Depending on your current internet connection, it may take a few seconds before the video starts. Windows can sometimes stop the video and require the user to authorise the video to start. In such a case, for instance, simply accept by clicking Yes.

The recommended browsers are Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

If you are running a really old version of your browser or have a very slow internet connection (128 kbit/sec or lower), running the E-learning may be a problem.